Sticker Sheet

Our team has been creating responsive sticker sheets for our major platforms. Each platform has single-page Sketch file for designers to take instances of components for design work. This allows for a more consistent, efficient workflow.

Pandora UI Library

Companion to the Sticker Sheet, the UI Library syncs to the cloud and keeps Sketch symbols, artboards, and grids up-to-date across the Product Design teams. Currently working with Craft Libraries and, we’re planning to transition to native symbol libraries in Sketch in the future.

Pandora Icon Library

The icon library spans the roles of designers  engineers, and our users. It’s an addition to the designer’s toolkit in the form of the UI library, it’s an asset library that is engineered into our product, and it’s a suite of visual communication devices to speak to our artists and listeners.

Icons will intially be part of our sticker sheets, UI library, and living style guide. Long-term, we will look at ways to make it easier for designers, engineers, and partners to be able to access icons automatically, in the format they require.

Custom Tools

Sketch affords us to build custom tools extremely quickly with JavaScript or Cocoa. Whether it’s generating a responsive artboard based on our grid system with the click of a button or applying more complex styles, we have the ability to build it.

In addition to building custom tools, we can take advantage of existing third-party apps and plugins to help us design faster. The Systems Team will continue to work out how we can accomodate these tools into our workflow, so designers can spend less time pushing pixels and more time conceptualizing and prototyping.