Since joining in Pandora in 2013, I’ve worked alongside product designers and engineers to improve the efficiency of our team’s workflow. We challenged ourselves to unify design elements and document them in various resources and style guides.

In 2016, we established the Systems Team, who met weekly to discuss and review universal design patterns within our mobile and web apps.

As the lead designer for Systems in 2017, I challenged our team to be more than just a weekly review group, but also a working group, aspiring to unify the visual language of Pandora and create consistent design systems across the entire Product organization.


  • Define design language
  • Review systematic changes
  • Design efficient workflows
  • Improve collaboration through tools and documentation

Speaking the Same Language

A system begins with defining the elements of which it is composed. The language we use to define these elements is important and should be common among everyone. The Systems Team works with designers and engineers to define a glossary of terms for components and design patterns.


We strive to allow people to innovate. We want to encourage designers to bring new ideas to Pandora’s Product Design system, and to be responsible for any changes, affecting our products on a universal level.
consistency allows us to reuse patterns… and saves the business time and money.

Efficiency Through Consistency

Consistent design patterns allow us to harvest a more cohesive, familiar, and aesthetically pleasing product. Equally as important, consistency allows us to reuse patterns to span across various componets, and saves the business time and money.

Think of patterns and components like a recyclable material. The more we resuse patterns where it makes sense, the more efficient it will be for us to build, edit, or redesign those elements in the future.